Services & Events at Battersea Spiritualist Church

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Services at Battersea Spiritualist Church are held on Thursdays at 7.30pm & Sundays at 6 pm. Demonstration of Clairvoyance / Mediumship last about an hour. We also hold regular private readings with various mediums once a month. Please note when having a reading, mediumship is an experiment and as such no guarantees can be given. The mediums / clairvoyants booked for service and private readings are listed below, but are subject to change at a short notice. The Church is solemnised for weddings, funerals and namings.
Mediums  for October 2017
SUNDAY at 6 pm                          THURSDAY at 7.30 pm
1st Service Cancelled  
5th Elain Stainton
8th Carol Wood   12th   Pat Anderson
15th Mildred Davidson   19th Tracey Kray
22nd Lily Dolan   26th Sheila McCarthy
29th Esi      
Events & Mediums for October
 Bennerley Friendship Club - Wednesday 4th at 2pm
 Medium - Maggie Jones £3  
Tuesday 3rd - Private Readings 7-9pm
Mediums: Coleen Rechere & Iris Bridgewater
 (Readings to be booked and paid for in advance from the church)  
No phone bookings accepted  
Evening with Medium Andy Mulligan - Psychic Artist
 Saturday 7th at 7pm £5.00  
Sunday 22nd Harvest Service 6pm  
Medium - Mark McDonagh  
Advance Notice!  
Remembrance Service - Sunday 12th November  
Medium - Michael Lennon  
Church Birthday Service - Sunday 19th November  
Medium - Tannya Streatfield  
Refreshments after service  
Spiritual Healing:  
Please Note! No Healing on Monday 2nd October  
Monday 1.45 to 3.30 pm and Fridays 5.30 to 7pm  
No Healing Sessions on Bank Holidays  
Mediums for November 2017
 SUNDAY at 6 pm                      THURSDAY at 7.30 pm
5th Jeremy Turner-Welsh   2nd Maggie Jones
12th Michael Lennon   8th Trevor Christian
19th Tannya Streatfield   16th Tracey Kray
26th Pat Murray   23rd Janet Glasgow
      30th Alan Bray
Events & Mediums for November
  Wednesday 1st - Bennerley Friendship Club at 2 pm
Medium - Sheila McCarthy £3.00
Tuesday 7th - Private Readings 7-9pm
Medium - Pat Murray
(Readings must be booked and payed for in advance at church.
No phone bookings accepted)
Sunday 12th - Remembrance Service 6pm
Medium - Michael Lennon
Sunday 19th - Church Birthday Service 6pm
Medium - Tannya Streatfield (Refreshments after service)
Advance Notice!
Sunday 17th December - Christmas Tea 4.30 (ticket only £4)
Followed by candle-lit carol service
Medium - Gladys Williams
Spiritual Healing
Monday 1.45 to 3.30 pm & Friday 5.30 to 7pm
(No Healing Sessions on Bank Holidays)
Mediums for December 2017
SUNDAY at 6 pm                       THURSDAY at 7.30 pm
3rd June Frost   7th Sheila McCarthy
10th Service Cancelled!!   14th Jonathan Whitaker
17th Gladys Williams   21st Closed
24th Closed   28th Closed
31st Closed      
 Events & Mediums for December
Wednesday 6th - Bennerley Friendship Club at 2pm
2pm Medium - John Alexander £3.00
Tuesday 5th Private Readings 7-9pm
Medium - Trevor Christian
(Readings must be booked and payed for in advance
at church. No phone bookings accepted)
The church will be closed after the carol service
and re-open on Thursday 4th January 2018
7.30pm Medium - Michael Lennon
The President and Committee send thanks to all
for your support over the past year.
We wish you a very Happy Christmas
and a Peaceful New Year.
We look forward to seeing you in 2018
Spiritual Healing:
 Friday 5th January 5.30pm to 7pm
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At Battersea Spiritualist Church we endeavour to have the best possible mediums for all our bookings, however we are always on the lookout for new mediums for our services and private readings. If you are a experienced medium or you know of someone who would like to demonstrate their mediumship, then please contact our mediums secretary, Pat Ayers on 020 7622 4900
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